Spencer: *sniffles twice*


Keegan being adorable as usual

This might be the last Marvel red carpet for you, like ever. (x)

Spencer and Toby All ‘4A’ Scenes



sometimes it’s not the ship itself you have a problem with, it’s the shippers.

Has anyone else noticed how they reversed these parts of the regular intro in the Halloween episode one?

"Alison’s changed a lot. She’s learned a lot. She’s grown up, she’s more mature, she’s not as naive and realized a lot of her mistakes. She’s still feisty and always trying to get her way, but she really appreciates the girls in a new way now."
— Sasha Pieterse (via prettylittleliarsxxxx)


it’s hard to stay in touch with Internet friends I just want you to know that even though we haven’t talked in a long time I still care about you